Airtech International is expanding its range of products and services

Have you ever tried one of Airtech International’s products? Our breathers & bleeders, vacuum bagging films, release films, pressure sensitive tapes, release liquids, peel plies, and all of the products are produced in strict compliance with Airtech Advanced Materials Group’ s principles, providing only the highest quality at a reasonable price to our customers worldwide.

At the latest CAMX Show in Orlando, our company has announced that it intends to invest more in developing innovative products. Now we are happy to state that our plans of development are close to coming true, thanks to a favorable loan agreement concluded with SDL365ORG.

Investing in the development process

To stay on top of the competition on the market, every company needs to invest as much as possible in the manufacturing and development processes. We are proud to have made the right decision and took a business loan from SDL365ORG.

How can a business loan help a business?

Every business, no matter the type of the activity, needs a money-injection from time to time. Even the most successful corporations nowadays owe their success to loan companies, which believed in their potential and agreed to offer an advantageous loan.

This is the case of Airtech International and SDL365ORG. They offer both business and personal bad credit loans. The lender has accepted to provide us with a loan that will not burden us in the long run. It is essential to find a lender who will not impose high-interests and additional fees. And we found it on

Our plans

The business loan will help us keep developing the products and services in all the market sectors where we are already known and conquer new ones.

This will have an impact in all the countries where our company’s services and products are present. But we will not stop here. The loan will help us become present in more countries worldwide and bring high-quality services and products to even more customers.